Listen: I’d Go Downtown for This!

With the approval earlier this month of another $2.5 million in MAGIC Fund dollars for Minot’s downtown parking garages, I can’t help asking the questions — are we spending those dollars in the right way, and should we be spending them at all?

The need to complete the structures notwithstanding — because we do need to complete them, but when we’re all said and done, should we be reevaluating our approach to revitalizing downtown?

So here’s the question — how many daily performances would $2.5 million have bought from a musician like this? I have no idea, but I’d have no problem walking three blocks to hear him play. And I’d probably drop in and spend some money along the way.


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Josh Wolsky

Developer & Writer @TheMinot Voice, Fan of the Souris River, There's a lot to Savor about Minot. Fortunate to be a 'former' City Council member ;)

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