Bozeman’s plan to bring the crowd back to Main Street

“When [people] have choices they’re choosing to live or relocate to places that are amenity rich, meaning vibrant community corridors or vibrant downtowns that offer unique social experiences in terms of different kinds of services and retail and restaurant offerings.” — Patrick Frey, Main Street America Minot’s been on its own mission to fully capitalize

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This is why downtown Minot matters more

If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, you may have noticed a renewed focus on downtown Minot. It’s coming from the City through intentional investments, it’s coming from private investors taking leaps of faith, and it’s coming from non-profits supporting all these efforts. Over the course of that time, there’s been no shortage

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On Moorhead’s Center Avenue, the past is the future

In downtown Moorhead, old buildings are revealing new potential. For uses from apartments — Moorhead has a goal of getting 500 apartment units downtown — to event space, the bones of the historic downtown buildings are providing valuable blank templates for architects and developers to imagine new uses.

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Downtown Fargo continues on a path of continuous improvement

Over the past 20 years, Fargo has been successful in creating a downtown environment that is the envy of all the other cities in North Dakota. How did they do it? Fargo’s Downtown Community Partners President Tim Flakoll provides some commentary on the success; the ingredients Fargo used won’t surprise you, but they will point

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Downtown Parking Garage Update: Questions and Answers with Derek Hackett

Though we can now park in Minot’s downtown parking garages, the projects are far from complete. Seeing as they haven’t been in the news for a few months, I reached out to Derek Hackett,  the City of Minot’s Public Information Officer, with a few questions. Here’s the latest information. Question: Will we see construction on the

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Downtown love: Devils Lake business owners look to new ideas for boosting shopping, foot traffic in city’s center

The struggle to bring life back to North Dakota’s downtown commerce areas continues. This article from the Grand Forks Herald highlights the efforts that a group of business owners in Devils Lake is taking to create foot traffic.

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Wrapped Up! Main Street Construction Completed in Time for Holiday Season

Main Street in Minot is fully open for business! After a many-months-long construction season, phase II of Minot’s downtown infrastructure project is a wrap — and just in time for the holiday shopping season. Joe Skurzewski with KMOT has the story.  

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Downtown Fargo ice rink planned for next three winters

After a successful season last winter, the Downtown Community Partnership in Fargo has made plans to re-open a downtown skating rink for three more winters. For the 2015-16 season, the rink attracted about 30 skaters per day.

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