Farm Group Asks FTC to Investigate Egg Price Collusion

If you’ve been to the grocery store in the past few months, you’ve likely noticed the price of eggs. In a short period of time, the price of a dozen ‘Grade A’s has skyrocketed. The U.S. Department of Agriculture blames the avian flu, but a national farmers’ advocacy group wants an FTC investigation into possible

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What is milk? The legislature is attempting to answer the question

If you go to the grocery store these days, you’ll quickly notice the milk section is a lot bigger than it used to be. But it’s not the cows that made it so. There are whole shelves of new products made from soy, almonds, oats, coconuts, and more. And it invites the question, what is

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Yep, Fresh Local Produce Is Possible In Climates Like Ours

North Dakota’s growing season doesn’t usually include winter, but with south-facing wall and a little solar engineering, greenhouses can grow just about anything. Want proof? Check out the quick feature from Ag Week TV below. The story comes from Lake City, Minnesota, and if they can do it, surely it can be done here too.

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Dakota Gardener: You have to try this tomato

A friend in a community garden walked over to me. “You have to try this tomato,” she said. I was intrigued. “What’s so special about it?” I replied. “Just taste it,” she said. I looked at it. It was a golden cherry tomato. I had never seen a golden tomato before. It did not look

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Regional Kombucha companies using locally grown fruits for flavoring (and where to try it in Minot)

The market for hyper-local food isn’t filling our grocery stores, yet, but it is creating small niches for creative businesses. Agweek has the full story on an emerging market for kombucha — a fermented tea drink. The exciting part is the demand is producing some small-scale economic vertical integration (local sourcing and production); it’s a

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The five best bars, breweries and pubs in Minot, according to Yelp

Looking for some local atmosphere? Yelp is an online local-place discovery website, and it takes in a lot of reviews and ratings, and they’ve used that data to rank a few Minot places. No one’s rankings matter more than yours, but if you’re looking for a new place to try out, KX News has brought

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Swedish govt moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing

Our friends in Sweden are two-stepping into 2023, and if the law changes as it’s expected to, they won’t have to get a permit to do it. Swedish law has long required bar and restaurant owners to get a permit if they wanted to let patrons dance, but it looks like that’s going to change.

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Danish Restaurant ‘Noma’, Three Times Named Best in the World, Will Close To Reinvent Itself

What do you do, as a restaurant, if you’ve been named the best in the world three times in the last 20 years? The answer is close, so you can reinvent yourself. The restaurant is called ‘Noma’ and it’s located in Copenhagen. And why is this story on TheMinotVoice? First, as the home of the

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The Food Chain Should Be a Food Circle

From the farmers and food producers to the consumers pulling from the shelves and the multinational corporations in between, there’s a trend in the food supply toward resilience and regenerative traits. Check out this quick piece from Ellen MacArthur at WIRED on the meta-changes in attitude and culture that will likely steer the macroeconomics of

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New law makes selling homemade foods easier in South Dakota

The South Dakota Legislature is making it easier for small food businesses to get started. It was a need identified coming out of the pandemic, the problem: state laws were getting in the way of food supply and resilience. Catch the full story on the deregulation process and impacts from South Dakota News Watch. And

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Fargo/Drekker’s Brewhalla Proving Breweries are Big Economic Development Engines

Fargo’s Drekker Brewing is making a move uncommon in the bar business; they’re making room for competitors. The concept is called Brewhalla, and it’s a lot more than a brewery. It’s a food destination, a market, a brewery, and a hotel, and more. It’s also built around the idea that when competitors of the same

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Duluth looks to ‘tiny homes’ to help ease housing crunch

A little further down in the feed you’ll find a story about how Toronto is working to add a lot of housing units in the next 10 years. In Duluth, they’re working toward the same goal, adding housing units. And their approach is similar to Toronto — deregulation. Specifically, Duluth has made tiny homes legal

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The Second-Ring Relationships Our Cities Need More Of

What does a recent transplant from NYC to Waco, Texas, notice? For one thing, the number of people she recognizes and knows as she goes through her day has gone way up. These relationships are known as second-ring relationships, those with people who are not yet friends, but they’re not strangers either. And it’s on

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Australia Projecting Record Wheat Crop

Australia’s harvest of both wheat and canola is expected to near or surpass previous records. You know we live in a global environment when the harvest half a world away is news locally. Why does it matter in Minot? Because in a connected world, commodity prices rise and fall on global supply, and commodity prices

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What Does $106 Million Get You in Maine? Yes, this does matter in Minot

What happens when big institutions like state and local governments are guided by momentum and past practices rather than the communities they were set up to serve? It’s a question that stretches beyond borders and needs to be taken up regularly anytime a big idea, particularly those tagged as ‘infrastructure’ are introduced. In this article

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Why the Meow Wolf experience offers something Disney never will (but any town can!)

It’s a week too late to learn about it, but Minot’s own version of Meow Wolf took place last Friday night. It was called Candy Clown, and in case that doesn’t make it clearer, this article from Fast Company will. It turns out, creativity and wonderous experiences are a heck of a business model and

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