North Dakota bison processing plant expands as more people seek healthier protein

Bison have sustained the prairie in more ways than one since they’ve been around, and after being pushed to near extinction a century ago, they’re recently reemerging in old-fashioned form — as a healthy source of food. Demand for Bison meat is on the rise, and that’s pushed a North Dakota processing center in New

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With Gardening Decisions on the Horizon, One Variety Peas Outperforms the Others

There is nothing better than eating fresh peas in the garden. You pop open a pea pod and the green pearls inside are as sweet as candy. At North Dakota State University, we have worked with hundreds of families to identify the best peas for our state. The finest pea is Lincoln, an heirloom variety

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House Passes Raw Milk Bill

The ND House delivered a win to food freedom advocates Monday. House Bill 1515 allows dairy farms to sell raw, unpasteurized milk straight off the farm, but restrict dairies from selling raw product to grocery stores or wholesalers. The bill passed by an 83-10 vote. The Grand Forks Herald has the full story.

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Prairie Sky Breads Celebrating Three Years

Starting a restaurant on the eve of what turned into the global pandemic wasn’t part of the plan, but for the team at Prairie Sky Breads adapting on the fly isn’t a problem. The business that made jalapeno cheddar bread famous in  downtown Minot is celebrating their three year anniversary this week. Get the full

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Meet Eric Johnson, Brewer at Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks is making a name for itself in the beer world. Their beer Gin & Spruce was one of 100 out 11,000 entries at last year’s World Beer Cup that earned a gold medal. It’s heady recognition, and it got the attention of the editors of Canvas Rebel, an online journal

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Indigenous knowledge is key to sustainable food systems

Have you noticed the price of food increasing? Have you noticed shelves empty? They’re two questions that invite a third: have you noticed how vulnerable we are to the industrialized and corporate shareholder driven food systems? They’re three questions that invite a fourth: are there other methods or ways to hedge against our dependence current

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Warming climate, lots of sunshine boosts Swedish vineyards

We don’t typically think of Sweden as a place for vineyards and wine production, but a couple factors are contributing to growth in the industry — a warming climate, and the lots of sunshine. While it’s colder than the usual places we think of wine, the hours of summer sunshine provided by the northern latitudes

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Dollar Stores Are the ‘Fastest-Growing’ Food Retailers In US, Study Finds

Food is one of those items we all need. But in communities across the country, access to fresh, local grocery stores is increasingly difficult to find. The trend is measurable, and the food source making up the difference — dollar stores. The problem is, food at dollar stores don’t carry fresh food. The second problem

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Residential chickens considered by East Grand Forks council

The East Grand Forks City Council has heard a request by a citizen to change its zoning ordinance to allow for backyard hens. The request was made in light of significant increases in the price of store-bought eggs. Meghan Arbegast with the Grand Forks Herald has the full story. And why does it matter in

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Farm Group Asks FTC to Investigate Egg Price Collusion

If you’ve been to the grocery store in the past few months, you’ve likely noticed the price of eggs. In a short period of time, the price of a dozen ‘Grade A’s has skyrocketed. The U.S. Department of Agriculture blames the avian flu, but a national farmers’ advocacy group wants an FTC investigation into possible

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What is milk? The legislature is attempting to answer the question

If you go to the grocery store these days, you’ll quickly notice the milk section is a lot bigger than it used to be. But it’s not the cows that made it so. There are whole shelves of new products made from soy, almonds, oats, coconuts, and more. And it invites the question, what is

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Yep, Fresh Local Produce Is Possible In Climates Like Ours

North Dakota’s growing season doesn’t usually include winter, but with south-facing wall and a little solar engineering, greenhouses can grow just about anything. Want proof? Check out the quick feature from Ag Week TV below. The story comes from Lake City, Minnesota, and if they can do it, surely it can be done here too.

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Dakota Gardener: You have to try this tomato

A friend in a community garden walked over to me. “You have to try this tomato,” she said. I was intrigued. “What’s so special about it?” I replied. “Just taste it,” she said. I looked at it. It was a golden cherry tomato. I had never seen a golden tomato before. It did not look

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Regional Kombucha companies using locally grown fruits for flavoring (and where to try it in Minot)

The market for hyper-local food isn’t filling our grocery stores, yet, but it is creating small niches for creative businesses. Agweek has the full story on an emerging market for kombucha — a fermented tea drink. The exciting part is the demand is producing some small-scale economic vertical integration (local sourcing and production); it’s a

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The five best bars, breweries and pubs in Minot, according to Yelp

Looking for some local atmosphere? Yelp is an online local-place discovery website, and it takes in a lot of reviews and ratings, and they’ve used that data to rank a few Minot places. No one’s rankings matter more than yours, but if you’re looking for a new place to try out, KX News has brought

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Swedish govt moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing

Our friends in Sweden are two-stepping into 2023, and if the law changes as it’s expected to, they won’t have to get a permit to do it. Swedish law has long required bar and restaurant owners to get a permit if they wanted to let patrons dance, but it looks like that’s going to change.

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