Manitoba commits to spending $500M annually on highways

The province of Manitoba will be making a big upgrade to its highway infrastructure. Over the next four years, the province has committed approximately $2 billion to improving roads throughout Manitoba.

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ND Highway Patrol Road Check Removes Out-of-Compliance Vehicles from Highways

— Official News Release, ND Highway Patrol — In an effort to increase commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety, North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers and civilian safety inspectors participated in a large, targeted CMV enforcement and education program. Roadcheck, sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, was held June 2-4 and troopers statewide participated. During this

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Quick Action Being Taken on Oil Patch Highways to Prevent Accidents

In response to a number of recent fatal accidents in the oil patch,  the Department of Transportation will act quickly to add interim traffic lights in several locations on both U.S. Highway 85 and state Highway 23.  Get details from the Dickinson Press.

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Highway Safety: Watford City to Alexander

This particular stretch of road has more than it’s share of accidents recently, and the McKenzie County emergency manager has had enough, she’s asking the DOT for a safety review in hopes that changes save lives.

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