Archaeology Reveals New Information Mandan Indians

An archaeological excavation near the Missouri River s providing a wealth of information and artefacts, some of it dating back to the 1600’s. More details from KX News.

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Mighty Missouri Kayaks are Ready to Paddle

A Bismarck company is working to make the Missouri River more accessible by paddle power. The trip from the Garrison Dam tailrace to Washburn or Bismarck is a great adventure, and here’s the story on a Bismarck company that can help make it easier.

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North Dakota Trying to Crack Down on Littering on Missouri River

State officials are working to keep glass and litter out of the Missouri River and off the beaches.¬†One of their tools — a $250 fine. And at that price, it probably makes sense to avoid glass and bring a garbage bag.

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Missouri River an Underutilized Resource

Water is a valuable resource, and state and county water officials want to create a long-term water usage plan that protects the resources and our state’s water interests.

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