Dakota Access oil could flow by March 6

With the political obstructions cleared by the Trump Administration and the #NoDAPL protest winding down, the construction of the pipeline under the lake has moved forward and is nearing completion. There are court proceedings still taking place, but a status report filed by Dakota Access indicates oil could be flowing as early as March 6.

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Dakota Access Protester Trial Results in Guilty Verdict

The legal process is beginning to catch up with those involved in the protest activities related to the Dakota Access Pipeline. A jury in Morton County found eight of the early arrestees guilty of disorderly conduct. Special Prosecutor Ladd Erickson has suggested he will seek steeper penalties for those facing more violent charges.

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Protest Camp Clean Up Underway

After months of occupation, the protest camps that have been home to as many as thousands of anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are finally being cleaned up. Protesters remain, but the Standing Rock Tribe hopes to have the camps completely cleaned prior to spring flood waters which are anticipated.

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Congressman Cramer on the Dakota Access Easement Ruling

Congressman Cramer weighs in with an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. He lays out the facts of the issue and lays the lawless outcome directly on the shoulders of President Obama.

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Blocking Supplies To Pipeline Protesters Would Be ‘Huge Mistake,’ N.D. Governor Says

There are no plans to forcibly remove protesters; there are no plans to block supplies into the camps. And it is unclear what — if anything — will change after the Corp imposed December 5 deadline passes. Get the story from NPR News.

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Whatever Else Comes From the #NoDAPL Protests, Let’s Get North Dakota Cops Some Body Cameras

Rob Port at Say Anything Blog offers up two important conversation points in this article, one of them unintentionally. First, the protest actions have exposed the need for police to be using body cameras, so we should figure out how to get that done. And second — and though not explicitly stated — it’s time

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#NoDAPL: Governor orders evacuation of protest site, but no forcible removals planned

William Yardley of the L.A. Times gets the story right, and his editor got the headline right too. Not all national media and journalism is biased and this is a great example. Read the full article for yesterday’s developments in the #NoDAPL fiasco by following the ‘source’ link above.

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While One Tribe Fights Oil, Another Cautiously Embraces It

While one tribe fights relentlessly against the pipline, another stands to gain tremendously from it and the quick path to market for the oil produced there. The MHA Nation finds itself in a unique position in the debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline; Amy Sisk with Inside Energy has the story.

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