Commentary: Is NDSU President Misleading Students with 4-Year Graduation Expectation?

In today’s commentary on the University System, Mr. Port takes exception to NDSU President Brescani’s intimation that incoming students will graduate in four years — a statement that is not backed by recent statistics.

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NDUS launches Oil, Energy Educational Initiative

The program is called Bakken U: Energizing through Education and the goal is to encourage oilfield workers to head back to school while the industry is in a slow period. More or the story from Anna Burlson writing for the Grand Forks Herald.

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North Dakota tops in Rate of Campus Staff Who Work Outside of Classrooms

  It seems our state’s public universities have become bastions of employment for those who have nothing to do with education. If you’re wondering why tuition keeps rising at the same time as state appropriations, here’s your reason.

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Commentary: An Open Letter to ND University System Chancellor

In his weekly column for The Minot Daily News, Rob Port offers a little advice for the state’s new University System Chancellor. It’s well written and covers a lot of the backstory for the next two articles you’ll encounter in The Minot Voice news feed.

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Higher Ed Board Committee Recommends Tuition Rate Hikes at All ND Universities

Last month legislators approved a bill that would cap raising tuition at the state’s universities by 2.5% annually, and the State Board of Higher Education finance committee voted to raise tuition at most universities by that much.

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Gov. Dalrymple Signs Student Due Process Bill

From here forward, students and North Dakota Universities will have the right to be represented by an attorney when facing school disciplinary boards. Governor Dalrymple signed Senate Bill 2150 into law yesterday.

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Former University System Lawyer Alleges Problematic Behavior

Rob Port at Say Anything Blog has the story on a former university system employee who has chosen to go public with some disturbing allegations. Follow the link below for the full story.

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Commentary: It’s Time For Larry Skogen To Stop Making Excuses

If you follow Say Anything Blog at all, you know that one of Rob Port’s personal passions is reform within the state’s University System. And his consistent calls for change have brought attention to issue… if only officials within the system admitted there may be some problems.

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