Road Trip Reflections & Minot’s Path to Progress

A couple of years ago I brought a car back from Florida. I used the trip as an opportunity to see how Minot measured up. I wanted to see how we compared to other places. I didn’t have a lot of time, so my stops were brief. Most were maybe an hour – just enough

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City Council Approves Lane Reduction for 4th Ave NW

Are more lanes the best way to handle traffic? It’s an assumption that’s shaped communities, including Minot, for decades, but as traffic engineers gather more data, they’re learning ‘more’ isn’t always better or safer. Well, Minot’s going to put that idea into practice. 4th Ave NW from Broadway to the bypass is going to get

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Minot City Council Agenda, February 21, 2023

Minot’s City Council will meet Tuesday, February 21, at 5:30 in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The following agenda will be considered. Minot City Council meetings are live-streamed through the City’s Youtube Channel found here. The meeting will consider the agenda attached below. Notable items include an adjustment to a previous MAGIC Fund investment,

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Minot Park Board Meeting, February 21, 2023

The Minot Park Board will meet for its monthly meeting Tuesday, February 21st at 5:30 p.m. Park Board meetings take place in room 203 of the Municipal Auditorium and are live-streamed from the Park District’s Youtube channel here. The agenda linked here will be considered.

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Architecture Firm plans to revitalize oft-ignored corner of downtown Fargo

What does it take to turn a blighted empty building into a productive space again? In Fargo, an architecture firm is answering the questions with a simple answer — vision. Craftwell Architecture and Construction is a Fargo firm in the process of designing a space for itself inside a former car service business. Inforum has

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The Art of Designing a Dangerous-Looking Playground

How do we introduce kids to a world of wonder while keeping them safe? How about give them places to play that spur their imagination, tease their adventure bone, but do it in a chaotic-looking but intentionally safe form. If that’s the answer you were thinking, than you’re going to love the article linked below

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Making the most of an icy winter in St. Paul

When winter gives them cold and ice, they make the most of it in St. Paul. And it turns out cold and ice are the exact ingredients needed to spin up an ice sculpting competition. Watch the full story at the Star Tribune video linked below.

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Prairie Sky Breads Celebrating Three Years

Starting a restaurant on the eve of what turned into the global pandemic wasn’t part of the plan, but for the team at Prairie Sky Breads adapting on the fly isn’t a problem. The business that made jalapeno cheddar bread famous in  downtown Minot is celebrating their three year anniversary this week. Get the full

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Meet Eric Johnson, Brewer at Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks is making a name for itself in the beer world. Their beer Gin & Spruce was one of 100 out 11,000 entries at last year’s World Beer Cup that earned a gold medal. It’s heady recognition, and it got the attention of the editors of Canvas Rebel, an online journal

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Construction of natural playground to start this spring in Moorhead

If you were a kid again, what would look like more fun, a red plastic slide, or a real-life set of an Indian Jones movie? It’s a question intended to trigger your imagination, with the final goal of asking is there a better way to build playgrounds? The Fargo Moorhead Rotary Club has answered the

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Fargo’s Downtown rink becoming popular site for lunch-time hockey

Lunch hours these days, downtown Fargo is alive with the sound of hockey. It’s not a complicated affair; it’s taking place with light equipment, no nets, and in the style of an old-fashioned pick-up game. It may not be a ‘field’ of dreams, but Fargo is proving that if you build it, they will come.

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2023 Governor Awards For The Arts Selected

Gov. Burgum has selected the recipients of the 2023 Governor’s Awards for the Arts. Individual Cultural Heritage: Bill Lowman, Sentinal Butte, Nonprofit Arts Organization: Empire Arts Center, Grand Forks Individual Achievement: Pieper Fleck Bloomquist, Grand Forks Champion for the Arts: former state Sen. Joan Heckaman, Dickinson For-Profit Arts Organization: Makoché Recording Studios, Bismarck Arts in

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Minneapolis artists getting attention with their immersive art in Detroit Lakes

If you saw a caveman in a block of ice sitting on the corner of the road, it would probably get your attention right? And what if it was sitting little ways down a trail, would it get you to go for a walk to see it? If you’re going through Detroit Lakes anytime soon,

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Do you know the difference between a street, a road, and a stroad? Hint: it’s the reason your taxes are high

Do you know the difference between a street and a road? A street is a part of an ecosystem for building community wealth and prosperity. A road connection between places. A stroad is a mash-up of the two ideas that fails in both areas. This idea — the differences between streets and roads, comes from

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Regional Kombucha companies using locally grown fruits for flavoring (and where to try it in Minot)

The market for hyper-local food isn’t filling our grocery stores, yet, but it is creating small niches for creative businesses. Agweek has the full story on an emerging market for kombucha — a fermented tea drink. The exciting part is the demand is producing some small-scale economic vertical integration (local sourcing and production); it’s a

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Wildrose transit bus painted with holiday cheer

How do you get creative, talented kids involved in their community? Give them a canvas, some paint, and little recognition. In Wildrose, that canvas just happened to be a bus. Get the full story on the little things that make people proud from the Williston Herald.

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