Do you know the difference between a street, a road, and a stroad? Hint: it’s the reason your taxes are high

Do you know the difference between a street and a road? A street is a part of an ecosystem for building community wealth and prosperity. A road connection between places. A stroad is a mash-up of the two ideas that fails in both areas. This idea — the differences between streets and roads, comes from Chuck Marohn. He is the Executive Director of StrongTowns, a Minnesota-based nonprofit focused on helping communities understand the differences between places that thrive and places that are underachieving.

The video below provides a great introduction to the difference, and it’s a topic we need to understand in Minot. Especially before we step forward with a $70 million investment in a SW Bypass.

And if you want more from Strong Towns, the article linked below is a good place to start.

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Charles Marohn, Strong Towns


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