A Satirical Sampling of Your Election Day Choices

Soon our North Dakota Primary Election will be over. So many choices. Which gubernatorial candidate to vote for? The lying lawyer or the lying CEO? Or, are they both telling the truth? Shall we vote for the guy with gelled hair and designer glassess running for Congress who brandishes an assault weapon, or pity him

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North Dakota Among States With the Lowest Housing Inventory

There were 1,676 active real estate listings in North Dakota last month. That puts us on the list of the five states with the lowest amount of active listed units. The other states with the lowest inventory include New Hampshire, Alaska, Vermont, and Rhode island. This data was brought together by Quartz, and shares the

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Burgum establishes Office of Outdoor Recreation to enhance private sector partnerships, maximize impact

BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum, alongside state agency officials and partner organizations, today announced the establishment of the North Dakota Office of Outdoor Recreation to grow North Dakota’s outdoor recreation economy by strengthening partnerships with the private sector and increasing collaboration among all stakeholders to seize the incredible natural and economic opportunities our great

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North Dakota policy, political rhetoric overlook transgender kids

The following commentary was written by Faye Seidler and originally published on the North Dakota Monitor. The source article is available by link at the bottom. Between April and May of 2023, Gov. Doug Burgum signed into law eight bills targeting trans individuals. These bills covered items such as banning medically necessary care, restricting where

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It’s a Crowded Ring for ND’s U.S. Congress Race

North Dakota’s sole congressman is running for governor. There are seven, yes, seven people facing off in this year’s primary election seeking to replace him. The Democrats endorsed Minot resident and Velva native, Trygve Hammer. He is being challenged by Roland Riemers, who did not seek the party’s endorsement. Hammer’s background as a U.S. Marine

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Governor Candidates Are Racing Us to the Bottom

Let’s give Lt. Governor Miller and Congressman Armstrong both the benefit of the doubt by stipulating that neither of them are liars. Miller’s negative ads more or less claim that Armstrong can’t be trusted to be North Dakota’s next governor. Similarly, Armstrong’s negative ads suggest that Miller can’t be trusted with the same role. Obscene

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The Real Results of Proposed Property Tax Reforms?

The many questions I have asked about the elimination of real estate taxes have not been answered. There are more which were not included in a prior article. Minot has a high percentage of sales tax revenue for obvious reasons. Thanks to the grace of God and industrious citizens, Minot is the regional center for

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