It’s a Crowded Ring for ND’s U.S. Congress Race

North Dakota’s sole congressman is running for governor. There are seven, yes, seven people facing off in this year’s primary election seeking to replace him. The Democrats endorsed Minot resident and Velva native, Trygve Hammer. He is being challenged by Roland Riemers, who did not seek the party’s endorsement. Hammer’s background as a U.S. Marine should make attempts to question his patriotism and manhood appear hollow. His path to success may be shaped by whomever will be his November opponent. Riemers’s path to success remains a mystery.

The Republicans nominated Alex Balazs for Congress over Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak. He had apparent assistance from Rick Becker. Apparently, Fedorchak is a RINO, in the opinion of Becker. Cara Mund, who ran as an independent in the last election, has chosen to run this time as a Republican. The latest entry is Sharlot Mohr. With a five-person race, it is arguable that none of these candidates will receive a majority of the primary vote. Balazs and Mohr are more or less unknowns. Will voters vote for unknowns? Mund is pro-choice. Is abortion kryptonite to Republican primary voters? Fedorchak appears to be a traditional Republican. Becker appears to be Freedom Caucus material.

In November, will the Republican primary election winner receive the votes of those Republicans who didn’t vote for him or her? Will disappointed Republicans sit out the November vote? Will disappointed moderate Republicans vote for Hammer? Will the average voter in North Dakota blindly vote Republican no matter the candidate? Infighting within the Arizona Republican party has helped elect Democrats in what has traditionally been a Republican state. Could it happen here?

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Jim Maxson

Mr. Maxson is a retired Minot attorney, former ND State Senator representing Minot's 3rd District from 1986-1994, and former ND Democratic National Committeeman from 2000-2008. He speaks two languages, English and Metaphor, and is cursed by a long memory.

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One comment on “It’s a Crowded Ring for ND’s U.S. Congress Race


Although I haven’t been around for them all, I feel like I have been around for ND’s messiest cycles, and this might be the messiest of which I’ve taken note.

At least it is a little simple for me. Instead of “which should I vote for?” it’s “is there anyone to vote for?” Sometimes, the answer is a sad “no.” It often comes down to process of elimination, and there sure are a lot that are easy to eliminate here… What’s most depressing are the races where there are few/no options, or where all the options are gross.

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