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Buy One Get One! (Well Drinks & Domestic Pours)

March 4th — March 7th

Arny’s 2.0

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Pulltab Happy Hour & Beat the Bartender!

Monday, March 4th

Blue Rider

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

April 12th — February 13th

Western Plains Opera Company

MSU: Division of Performing Arts

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News: Dodge Ball for a Cause

Students and teachers at Erik Ramstad were playing dodge ball Saturday morning… for fun, and to raise some money for North Dakota Veterans. [...]

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News: Did We Just Get a Clue into the Mystery of the Missing Dark Matter?

In theoretical physics, the border between science and science fiction is often hard to see… which makes it a lot like dark matter, but scientists in Europe think they’ve got a lead on stuff that theoretically makes up 84% of the universe. [...]

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News: Another National Media Portrait of Life in North Dakota

The article is less judgmental than the recent New York Times articles and raises questions that deal more with how we’re handling the boom on a forward-looking cultural level. Included are vignettes on Watford City, Bismarck, and Fargo that outline ideas and issues for each. [...]

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Curio: Tips for Improving Your Information Diet

The timing of this article is very apropos. After all, better information is what the Minot Voice is all about. [...]

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News: Giving the Gift of Wild Game

Just because you give it away, doesn’t mean your daily limit changes. Get all the details from ND Game & Fish on the requirements of gifting your daily take. [...]

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News: Health Department Proposal Revises Policy on Storage of Radioactive Oil Field Waste

In shaping the proposal the Department of Health reached out to the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois to help make a determination of what is safe for landfill workers. The new plan would allow larger landfills to accept radioactive waste with a permit. [...]

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News: Fast-Tracking Fargo Flood Protection?

A group in Fargo is looking to change the funding structure of the large-scale diversion project in order to move construction along more quickly. For Minot, any flood protection concepts that speed things along qualify as important news. [...]

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News: Biologist at Teddy Roosevelt National Park Hopes to Slow Horse Reproduction

The hope is to slow the growth of the Park’s wild horse herd, but the work is experimental and being tested for the first time. [...]

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News: Williston State College Equipped to Train Diesel Mechanics

The oil patch always needs people who can fix things, particularly diesel engines, and Williston State College’s Diesel Program was recently the beneficiary of two private industry grants intended to help meet that need. [...]

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News: Bismarck High Dance Team Loses $12,000 to Embezzlement

Just a reminder that with our clubs and organizations, one of our first priorities should be managing the finances in such a way so as to eliminate the temptation. [...]

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News: Less Red Tape for Truckers

A press release from Representative Cramer’s office outlined some changes for commercial truck drivers that will likely make their lives a little easier. The full press release follows below, but the gist is this: Drivers won’t be required to file a report on the post-trip inspection when they don’t find any issues with their truck. The [...]

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News: UND Nickname Task Force Formulates Plan

Like it or not, the school will be moving on from the Fighting Sioux nickname. One possibility is to remain simply ‘U.N.D.’, but the job of picking will fall to a new committee made up of stake-holders. [...]

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News: An Explanation of Your Property Tax Statement

Your property tax isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well take a minute and get acquainted with your statement. This video produced by the Tax Commissioner’s office let’s you know what to look for. [...]

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News: North Dakota Joins Multi-State Immigration Lawsuit

We’re the 24th state to join the effort that hopes to legally block President Obama’s executive action on immigration. [...]

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News: Coyote Station Hopes to Be Partially Online by Christmas

The power plant suffered a fire on December 4th, but workers are putting in extra time and specialized contractors have been brought in to get the 427-megawatt generator back working as quickly as possible. [...]

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Curio: Slow Motion Awesome: Raindrop Impacts on Sand

There are a lot of everyday events that look very different when you slow them down — a lot, but this short video on a rain drop hitting landing in sand is particularly impressive. The video was recorded by chemical engineers at the University of Minnesota researching…. wait for it…. the types of craters that water drops [...]

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