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News: New Ag Genetics Lab in Fargo?

A new ag research lab is being built in Fargo. The National Agricultural Genotyping Center is under construction now, but it has State contributed funding on the line with the Governor’s proposed budget. Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring requested $800,000 for the project. [...]

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News: Preserving the Nakota Line…

The horses have a storied past… perhaps dating back to Sitting Bull and the Marquis de Mores, but preservation of the hardy, prairie breed is in jeopardy as the costs of maintaining the herd have put the Nakota Horse Conservancy in financial distress. The Kuntz family and the non profit behind the conservation movement have reached [...]

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News: Quarterly Update from Minot Mayor Chuck Barney

I want to take this opportunity to update the citizens of Minot on some of the ongoing projects in our city. I plan to write a similar update about once per quarter to keep you informed during this incredible and exciting period of growth we find ourselves heading into in 2015. We will begin construction [...]

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News: Three Fatal Accidents over Holiday Weekend

Three fatal accidents over the holiday weekend offer a sad reminder of all we should be thankful for. Our condolences to families and friends of the deceased. Troy James Coleman was killed in s snowmobile accident Friday evening in Sawyer. Here’s the story from KX News. A 24 year old man was killed in a [...]

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News: Tremor Dampening Spoon by Lift Labs

At the intersection of technology and real world problems, we have company called Lift Labs. They’ve created a spoon that dampens the effect of involuntary tremors caused by conditions such as essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease. Google recently acquired the company, and while the product is still fairly expensive ($295), the life value it has [...]

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News: The Ferguson Evidence: See for Yourself

There’s little more that can or should be said about this case that hasn’t already been said, but for those of you interested in seeing the first hand transcripts and evidence that was considered by the grand jury, here it is. [...]

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News: Saskatchewan Wet Heading into Winter

— Official News Release, Saskatchewan Water Security Agency — The Water Security Agency today released a fall conditions report for the province which outlines the precipitation conditions going into winter freeze-up. This past year, most areas of the province received 150-200 per cent above the normal amount of precipitation on what was an already saturated [...]

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News: Pipelines, Pulses, and Cowboys… The Leader-Post Daily Roudup

Three stories worth passing along from Regina’s Leader-Post. Oil boom triggering cowboy shortage on Prairies: Our appetite for oil is leading to higher prices for the burgers we so love. Wall blasts Ont., Que. for pipeline ‘conditions’: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls conditions set by Ontario and Quebec Premiers as ‘out of line’. The issue at [...]

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Learn: Safety on Ice Starts with Good Decisions

Knowing when you should be on the ice and in what type of vehicle will give you the best chance of not having to aget a little cold, or perhaps die. Check out this video from North Dakota Game and Fish on how to stay safe on the ice this winter. [...]

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News: Fighting the Waiting: Enderlin versus Canadian Pacific

The small S.E. North Dakota town is taking on the railroad giant in court. The issue, trains stopped on the tracks that make getting around in the town of 900 a daily hassle. It’s a David vs. Goliath case with big implications. [...]

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Commentary: Is it Time for Little Self Examination?

The energy revolution we’ve been privileged to embrace over the past almost-ten years has been nothing short of remarkable. Western North Dakota has been transformed from poor to wealthy, from surviving to thriving, from a national after thought… to national and even world relevance. We are the standard bearer for creating a friendly, energy-development environment [...]

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News: Report: Sage Grouse Need Three Mile Buffer to Protect Breeding Grounds From Drilling

This is the first report on an issue that has the potential to become a big story in energy development. The U.S.G.S. report did not make any management recommendations ahead of a court-ordered September 2015 deadline on conservation measures needed for the species. [...]

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News: Leadership Symposium at Minot Air Force Base

— Official News Release — This year’s 20th Air Force Leadership Symposium brought together approximately 120 leaders at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to discuss opportunities and challenges in the intercontinental ballistic missile mission. Joining the Task Force 214 and 20th Air Force commander, Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein, was distinguished speaker Adm. Cecil D. Haney, [...]

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News: 560 New Parking Spots at Minot Airport

— Official News Release — As work continues on the new terminal of the Minot International Airport, construction on one of the new parking lots is far enough along that airport officials have decided to open it in order to accommodate travelers this winter. Airport Director Andy Solsvig says more parking was needed as passenger [...]

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News: Plans Revealed for Possible Devils Lake Oil Refinery

A Vancouver based energy company revealed plans on their proposed $200 million plant capable of refining 20,000 barrels of oil per day. [...]

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News: Moorhead’s Master Plan: More Schools Needed

The school districts master plan task force says a new high school, a second middle school, and possible a new elementary school will be needed in coming years to meet the demands of the growing community. The task force is looking 10 years ahead and making recommendations accordingly. [...]

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