Are the Internet decks stacked against the Minot’s ‘shop local’ message?

Shop local! It’s the mantra preached, spoken, sung, by community-minded people across the world. It makes sense — dollars that stay have a bigger impact than those that drive away. And there’s plenty of evidence that suggests these small changes in behavior have big impacts on places. But in a global market place where local

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Cities can’t afford their roads anymore

It’s fair to say we’re now fully into spring, but we still see — and feel — the consequences of winter when we travel down our roads. Pot holes are bumpy roads are easy targets for ever-critical citizens; they’re not wrong to notice them — the potholes are real. But what’s the root cause of

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Another week, another voter-rejected school bond proposal

Another Williston-area school district was asking for bond authority to build new schools. The voters said no. This theme has been on replay across Western North Dakota in recent months. It matters in Minot because we have our own school capacity problem. But Minot School officials remain mum on what the plan or approach is

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Bismarck’s Main Avenue to undergo permanent road diet

Bismarck’s Main Avenue will be transitioned down from 4-lanes to 3-lanes. It’s a project under the emerging practice in engineering known as ‘road diets’. It’s about making roads as friendly to bikes and pedestrians as they are to cars and trucks; there’s also less to maintain. Cheryl McCormack with the Bismarck Tribune has the full

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Site picked for proposed performing arts venue in downtown Fargo

Fargo is moving forward with a big investment in the arts. In order to make it happen, it’s out with the old and in with the new. The site selected is currently home to the City’s Civic Center. To make way for the 2,500 seat performing arts center, the existing building will be demolished. Check

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‘It has to be dealt with’: what is the future for midwest towns affected by flood

Up and down the the rivers of the Midwest, towns are reeling. Some are just reemerging after being underwater for weeks. And while politicians continue to debate the credibility of climate change science, the attitudes of some people on the ground and in the water are starting to sway. Check out the article linked below

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Previewing the 2019 Medora Musical with the Burning Hills Singers

Rehearsals are underway for one of North Dakota’s great traditions of summer — the Medora Musical. Check out the article from KX News and Tim Olson that includes a video interview with cast members and teases some of the changes in this years show.

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Rural rejuvenation is a prize worth fighting for

The out-migration from rural areas is not a problem unique to North Dakota. All over the world, and for sure in Ireland, they’re facing the problem head on. And from encouraging investment to fighting floods, the challenges — and in some cases the solutions — are similar. Check out this perspective piece to get a

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