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News: $2.5B power line planned from central North Dakota to western Montana

A big investment in connecting the regional power grid is centering in North Dakota, literally. The 385 mile long Northern Plains Connector line would connect from Colstrip, Montana to Center, and Solen, North Dakota. The line would be capable of carrying up to 3,000 megawatts, nearly 75% of North Dakota’s peak demand. Get the full [...]

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News: Canadian Prairies stand to benefit the most from boost to immigration target

Immigration is an issue in every country; it’s also an opportunity. New citizens equal new workers, and in places starved for labor, everyone willing to fill a role is welcome. And for our neighbors to the North, the Canadian Federal government has issued a report suggesting the prairie region is likely to benefit the most [...]

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News: North Dakota Industrial Commission moves to sue Minnesota over carbon-free bill

Earlier this month, the Minnesota legislature passed a bill requiring carbon-free electricity by 2040. It’s legislation that had North Dakota’s attention from the start. Last week, the ND Industrial Commission took action; they’ll be filing a lawsuit against Minnesota. Their contention — Minnesota is attempting to regulate interstate commerce. Get the full story from The [...]

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: Team North Dakota wins the 2023 U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championship

When winter gives you cold and snow, what do you do? Sculpt it. It seems obvious that the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Champions would hail from North Dakota, but we now have proof the world is in alignment. Team North Dakota is out of Fargo and made up of Jay Ray (captain), Mike Nelson and [...]

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Perspectives: Fargo scraps curbside glass recycling

What does it make sense to recycle? That’s not an answer under control of municipalities with recycling programs, because it depends on what the MRFs (material recovery facilities) will accept. And the Minneapolis-based MRF Fargo sends their recycling to is no longer accepting glass. It just doesn’t pay. It’s causing an abrupt change to Fargo’s [...]

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Commentary: It’s Your Community — Get Involved!

Dear Minot: Since being elected as your mayor in June 2022, I’ve learned a great many things. I’ve learned there is a lot going on in Minot that involves the mayor. I’ve learned residents want their voices heard. And I’ve learned that no matter how much I learn, there is always something new around the [...]

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Commentary: What exactly does a 2,500-square-foot lot look like? And Why does it matter in Minot?

In Montana, affordable housing is a growing problem. The influx of people is putting pressure on prices, and the legislature is looking at some less-common ways to help keep them in check. One idea under consideration — making small lots for developers and home builders more readily available. They’d can do that with a law [...]

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Perspectives: Watch out, Minneapolis: The tow truck cometh to make room for the snow plow

When the snow falls and has to be moved, it’s the parked cars that become the biggest problems. There’s just no way to push snow over the top of them. The solution isn’t fun, but it is effective, if it’s used. And in Minneapolis, street snow is has caused enough challenges this season that they’re [...]

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News: Iowa City ’embracing innovation’ in 3D-printed affordable housing

Housing costs are a common topic these days where ever you look. Places with low costs of living are easier on their people and attractive to outsiders, too. But how does a place deliver it? Well, in Iowa, they’re investing in innovation. And that means 3-D printing — for houses. There’s no telling yet if [...]

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News: ND Senate OKs bill to provide snow removal grants to local governments

Some parts of North Dakota got a lot of snow towards the end of last year. While Minot didn’t set any records, snow removal was certainly a challenge. And for cities and towns that had to dig deep in their pockets to keep the streets clean, the legislature is moving some relief forward. Get the [...]

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News: ND House Passes Bill Raising Property Taxes For Everyone But Non Profits

The ND House passed HB 1438 by a vote of 55-38. The bill extends property tax exemptions for non profit organizations. If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, the law will allow non-profit organizations to acquire tracts of land up to 50 acres in size and hold them tax-free for up to [...]

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News: Change is coming to ND High School Basketball, Here’s a First Look at Predicted Divisions

For the 2023-2024 school year, North Dakota is going to have three high school basketball divisions. In the Class A/Class B system, everyone knows exactly where they stand, but the new system requires a bit more research. KX News has done some early work researching which schools may fall in which divisions and regions. Check [...]

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News: Garbage Rates to Rise March 1

Minot City Council took action on garbage and landfill rates on Monday night. The larger your bin, the larger your rate increase with increases of a dollar for the largest 95-gallon bins and 50 cents for smaller bins. Plus, we’re building a new landfill cell at a cost of $2.35 million. Jill Schramm with The [...]

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News: A Plan to Spend the Legacy Fund? 

Projected Legacy Fund earnings for the next biennium are $550 million. That’s a lot of money to work with, and ND House Majority Leader Mike Lefors has a plan for it. House Bill 1379 outlines the earmarks, but it’s a combination of tax relief and strategic investments. Get the full story from Jeremy Turley writing [...]

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Learn: Meet the telehealth company that’s treated treated 20,000 opioid addiction patients

In a place like North Dakota, where do you turn when there’s no where to turn? When it comes to addiction, rural can be real challenge. The services and resources common in larger populations centers simply don’t exist. But what if you could get help over the phone or an Internet connection? And what if [...]

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News: McKenzie County Awarded $2.8 Million From Federal DOT Safe Roads Program

McKenzie County will be an early beneficiary of the federal infrastructure bill. The county was awarded $2.8 million for wide reaching road system improvements including the separation of bikes and pedestrians from vehicle travel areas. The DOT’s full news release on the program is copied below. And it invites the question: with unfunded projects like [...]

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