Editorial: The Supper Clubs Are Not the Issue

If you caught our editorial last month — Let’s Raise a Glass to Less Liquor Regulation, you probably gathered we’re not fans of the recommendations coming out of Minot’s Liquor and Gambling Committee. (if you’re not sure what this issue is all about, catch up quick with this link) Thus far, it seems like the full

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Liquor License Supper Club Law Goes to Full Council, Second Reading Monday

The Liquor and Gambling got their second kick at the superclub law on Thursday. Their recommendation: super clubs should stop selling drinks two hours after their kitchen closes. The full council will have a crack at final say on the law Monday.

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Minot Business Owners Voice Opinions on Liquor Ordinance

Minot’s City Council opted for less regulations for super clubs with a requirement that more than 50% of sales come from food. Full coverage from KMOT News.

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Editorial: Let’s Raise a Glass to Less Liquor Regulation!

Minot has a problem. If you haven’t noticed, downtown Minot is being overrun by new restaurants. What’s even worse, many of these new restaurants are moving into old, rundown buildings and improving them; the gall it must take. And what’s more, these new restaurants are creating innovative menus that include items that aren’t cheeseburgers. It

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