North Dakota House passes bill with hopes of easing teacher shortage

North Dakota has a teacher shortage, and the legislature has taken up the problem. Their solution: making it easier to get into teaching — in some cases. The bill approved by the House and now headed to the Senate would allow those with a high school diploma and 4,000 hours of relevant work experience into

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Teaching: Community Experts rule to be signed by governor

The Governor is expected to sign a new administrative rule that allows community experts to fill vacant teaching positions.

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Governor Seeks Changes to Proposed ‘Community Expert’ Policy Aimed at Teacher Shortage

The proposed one-year policy would allow schools to hire experts from within the community to teach classes in hard-to-fill positions. The Governor’s proposed clarifies the language of the initial proposal seemingly with the hope of garnering political support, particularly from teacher unions.

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Educators Create Task Force, Try to Fill Teaching Positions

  There is a gathering crisis in education; it’s the fact that fewer and fewer people are going into teaching as a profession. And now educators from across the state have created a task force to help fill near-term vacant teaching positions and address the issue long-term.

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