KX News: Sales Tax, Property Tax, and the MARC

With the MARC vote coming up quickly, KX News sat down with City of Minot’s finance director Cindy Hemphill to get the facts on what items are charged a sales tax, what items are exempt, and how the proposal would affect your property taxes.

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The MARC: What do You Want to Know?

We’re a little over six weeks away from casting a deciding vote on the future of indoor recreation in Minot and our goal over that period will be to transform you into the most informed voter on a single topic that has ever existed. The Minot Voice has a game plan in place, but we’d

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Property Tax Reform Bill Clears ND Senate

It’s an 86-page bill intended to reform and simplify the property tax system. Senate Bill 2144 would set levy limits for cities, counties, townships and other taxing authorities while giving them more flexibility in how property tax dollars are spent.

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State Should Study Taking Over Property Taxes

Tax reform is is the eternal topic, and Minot’ Scott Louser is encouraging the legislature to study the impact of ┬áreform that would see the State assume property tax payments. Read his thoughts on the proposed reform and need for the study at Say Anything Blog.com

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Minot Park Board Clears Procedural Hurdles, Puts District on Path to New Funding Method, MARC Construction

The Minot Park Board held a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to complete procedural steps needed to move forward with building the Minot Aquatics & Recreation Center and funding the Park District through a 1 cent sales tax as opposed to a property tax. Two motions were passed, one approving the ballot language that will now

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Minot Park District Moves Forward on the ‘MARC’, Proposes New Funding Method for District

The Minot Park District and Park Board held a public forum at the Municipal Auditorium this afternoon to present and discuss recommendations on a possible Minot rec center. The proposed facility is the result of months of work by IBIS Enterprises, the consulting group that was hired to survey Minot’s stakeholder organizations and develop the

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Taxes: Getting to Fair Value for Farm Land

The 2015 Legislature is taking up a bill that would revise the way the state arrives at the value of farmland as used for tax assessments. Get the details from Anna Burlson of the Grand Forks Herald.

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An Explanation of Your Property Tax Statement

Your property tax isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well take a minute and get acquainted with your statement. This video produced by the Tax Commissioner’s office let’s you know what to look for.

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