Minnesota prisons confront national trend of ‘drug-soaked’ mail filtering behind bars

What’s the newest way to get drugs into prison? Put a stamp on them and send it. Of course, you’ll have to soak the paper and envelope in liquid narcotics, first. Stephen Montemayor with the Star Tribune has the full story on innovation in evasion that’s got Minnesota corrections officers on their toes. Why does

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North Dakota judge, others call for stronger efforts to prevent drug overdose

A long-serving North Dakota judge is speaking out in support of reforming North Dakota’s sentencing policies when it comes to fentanyl dealers. It’s opened up another round of conversation on the havoc the opioid addiction scourge is creating across the state. There were 131 overdose deaths in North Dakota last year. Get the full story

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Minot Police Issue Release on Murder in Lamplighter Lounge Parking Lot

The Minot Police Department issued the following news release through their Facebook page this morning. — Official News Release, Minot Police Department — The Minot Police Department responded to a report of gunshots in the parking lot of the Lamplighter lounge at approximately 1:40 a.m. on 12/30/22. On arrival officers discovered a 36 year old

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‘Stay interviews’ reveal what Fargo police officers like and don’t like about their jobs

When it came to their Police Department, Fargo officials knew they had problems. Some of their daytime shifts were at half-strength. Their force was down about 10% of their budgeted positions. The interesting part is they didn’t just shove the problem under the rug. They sat down and listened to their officers, conducting over 90

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Minot Police Department Dealing With Burnout & High Turnover

Filling budgeted positions has become a problem at the Minot Police Department. And the cycle is dangerous; it’s costing the City overtime pay and adding burden to those we do have on the job. Charles Crane with the Minot Daily News has the full story.

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Shooting at Ryder bar leaves two dead, public not at risk

A shooting last night in Ryder has left two men dead. The full news release from the Ward County Sheriff’s Department is below. — Official News Release, Ward County Sheriff’s Department — On Thursday night May 16, 2019 at approximately 10:15 pm, Ward County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a gun shots call at the Ryder

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ND highway fatalities at 8-year low through 1st half of 2018

Through the first half of 2018, traffic fatalities are at their lowest level in eight years. With the launch of the Governor’s Vision Zero initiative last year, the goal for traffic fatalities was set at the perfect-world goal of none. So, while the news is good, work remains.

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Minot Fire Department managing turnover with new training

Minot’s Fire Department has a lot of new faces. From retirements to firefighters pursuing opportunities in other places, the turnover rate has been higher than wanted in recent years. And one solution to keeping Minot and our first-responders safe and satisfied with their work — increased training. KX News has the story on how the

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Fires are torching Montana, and the money is running out

As the rain thankfully falls, there will be a small reprieve from the fire concerns. But single storm won’t right the rain deficit, and the fire threat is likely to remain through the fall. In Montana, where they’ve been fighting fires all summer, the resources are dwindling. Matt Volz with the Associated Press has the

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Earth Recycling Fire Draws Multi-Department Response

Correction: At the time of publishing, this article referenced the City of Minot Fire Department as one of the responding jurisdictions. That was partially incorrect. The City of Minot FD was on-site providing air-quality monitoring but did not contribute manpower or equipment directly to the fire response. A significant fire on Minot’s Northwest edge has

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DSU chemistry lab professor recovers after explosion

A chemistry demonstration gone awry earlier this month at Dickinson State has university and safety officials taking a closer look at safety procedures to see if improvements can be made.

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Blacktail Creek Spill: Pipeline Allegedly Leaked for More Than 3 Months

It’s been almost a year since the discovery of a saltwater and oil spill on Blacktail Creek near Williston. In the days after the discovery, we learned that it was likely the largest spill in North Dakota history.  And now, as the state’s investigation draws to a close, we are starting to draw some conclusions

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ND DOT Launches DUI Crash Victim Memorial Website

The North Dakota Department of Transporation has launched an awareness initiative focused on the people and lives that have been changed in an instant on North Dakota roads. The message is simple and strong: slow down, put your phone away, buckle up, and don’t drink and drive. Visit the ND Code for The Road Website

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Produced Water Pipeline Spill Reported Near Mandaree

The pipeline spill is believed to have released ~220,000 gallons (~7,000 barrels) of produced water into a field. No direct impacts to waterways or water sources have been observed. More from The Dickinson Press.

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What If? Enbridge Practices for Pipeline Spill

The exercise involved around 200 state, local, and federal officials along with Enbridge employees. The idea — if a spill happens, they’ll have some experience with dealing with it. The coincidental timing of the Heimdal train derailment illustrates the importance of these drills.

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Official: Some of 63,000-gallon brine spill has reached lake

A 63,000 gallon — 2,000 barrel pipeline spill has resulted in some water entering a tributary and likely finding its way into Smishek Lake. Smishek Lake is near Powers Lake, about 75 miles West Northwest of Minot.

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